Unity Asset Store Tools development

  • Thursday, Sep 12, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that our Game Engine tools built for the Unity engine have been approved for sale in their Asset portal

Lets talk about this for a moment, what does this mean for I/O Labs?

Selling as a publisher.

The process was relatively straight forward, when we were sent a Vive developers kit to develop tools with one of our first tools was a VR application to have standard inputs (buttons, leavers, knobs) for a group of developers.

Because of our acceptance as a Unity Live Expert, the publishing process was simple. We submitted our asset and they reviewed and gave us publishing access within 5 business days.


We’ll show off one of our Asset packages: alt text

This package took 3 days of development time, and this was a slow month, you can predict your sales anywhere between $50 USD - $120 USD a month, with little to no marketing. Since we developed this application in the infancy of VR we’ve gained a following and we get consistent sales. 

After the wait we got confirmation that our tools would be featured to all Unity developers.

The tools included into their system include:

Skyboxer: $9.99

alt text

Quickly have the ability to create your own Skybox from any position in your scene. With a simple button contained on the Camera component, turn the current Editor scene into a low resource Skybox, by rendering out a Skybox from the ‘Main Camera’ Position. The extremely simple plug and play package drags and drops into your scene and automatically sets up without you having to do anything, just load in the scene and press the ‘Skybox’ button and a Skybox along with 6 images will be created in your output folder.

Ultimate Biology pack: Cells: $11.99

alt text

Contains 100 individual cells each generated differently for you to include into your project. -100 Individual models -Full LODs for each 100 models setup in unity -Custom vertex shader with Color, Smoothness and Metalic parameters

VR Ready Controls [Button, Leaver, Knob] v.1.5 $19.99

alt text

Gives you the ability to create physical based controllers to drive logic in controlled objects while keeping the process easy and open for extension. With VR and non VR physical interaction the controls contained in this pack you can easily turn any type of model into a Button, Switch or Knob by attaching a Controller script to it and setting a controlled object to easily call the logic you want.