AI to generate client content

  • Thursday, Sep 12, 2019

Yes, that image that you’re seeing is completely generated from AI to deliver (blog) content to an Interior designer here in Vancouver. To help with their organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The generated themes ranged from that article, talking about the benefits to covid proofing your office space, to how your neighbors view your home. Some themes they admit they didn’t think of writing about. 

The amazing thing about this technology is that it’s not just about delivering content on a daily or weekly or monthly basis, but the generations range in topics so much that as a creative you have to respect the freedom this can give you when it comes to creating user engaging content. Using this along with analytics to gauge what content works makes this a powerful tool for anyone. 

Of course it’s not a one size fits all solution, you still have to ask yourself what purpose you are trying to serve, but the majority of our clients have found this is a great solution for them to drive traffic to their site. 

To keep with the theme, I’ll let the AI finish this blog with 100 word outputs each iteration taking about 30 seconds to generate:

“Title”: “Generating a blog”

“Text”:" or website is really really hard. When you start you don’t know what it is  and so you are not sure with your first posts what to focus on, the format or the look. But in a few months you start to discover that people like you so that this blog becomes a huge success. The good thing is it is so easy to start. Just read and do. A good blog is your own. As long as it is written in short, snappy, punchy"

“Title”:“Generating a blog”

“Text”:" with WordPress is a relatively easy task. In order to get the basic blog  up and running (in my case,  using a post type called  ‘blog’ )  it is actually very basic and not so  complicated so I’ve decided to take the full version of  WordPress  and do a full tutorial (which is what I want to cover). I’m going to focus on how to setup a database and create posts for it all. I’m also going to show you how"},